Saturday, April 20, 2013

Opinions and Absolutes

Opinions and Absolutes
For the word of the Lord is right; and all his works
are done in truth.
(Psalm 33:4)

We are adrift in a sea of opinions. We are dictated by opinion polls. Leaders poll the people and maintain their political career based on the polls. Relativism has taken us to the brink of anarchy. It certainly has delivered us to the stage of people “doing what is right in their own eyes.” Presidents, congressmen, state leaders, community leaders, all pay homage to the press, the media, and the onslaught of politicized entertainment.
Our society is the proverbial “Frog in the Kettle.” The frog is cold blooded and can adapt as the temperatures change. So, the frog has no idea it is being cooked until it is too late. We are being cooked by strong movements which by media blitzes, TV roles, movie roles, news presentations, have twisted the minds of the populace. There is little push back since relativism can convince and dress itself up in many robes of tolerance, freedom, and rights; then turn and vilify an opposing opinion or stance as narrow minded, bigoted, intolerant, abusers of rights etc.
As long as we stand on opinion, the masses will rule. When you have a dumb downed society and the masses basically illiterate, the perpetrators of opinion will rule through the barrage of media opinion. Sadly, this all sounds so like the days of Hitler as the world moved toward a world war.
Absolutes, which I mean as truth revealed, can guide a society, provide parameters of decency and order, can determine what is right or wrong. Law is supposed to be based on immutable principles. While we have our culture tearing down the ten commandments, the world thinks that the Judeo-Christian moral is passé. However, the ancients had similar codes, such as Hammurabi’s Code which had very similar laws. No society can be sustained without laws that protect and guide the moral fiber of the people. Decency, order, constants, all provide a safer society and protection of the constituents.
We hold that the Bible provides the absolutes that can guide a nation and cause it to prosper. The laws contained within provide a guide to good living, safe families, and moral leadership. They have guided societies and nations for centuries and have succeeded.
For Christians, the landscape of life has become more difficult. To stand for absolute truth is contested in most venues. To state that there is truth that is absolute, undeniable, firm, and backed by a living God causes educators, politicians, and media to recoil in anger. But this is not a time to waffle. It is a time to stand. The accusations which will be hurled at the firm believer will come. But standing on the word of God and his immutable laws will be rewarded by Him and every society that follows Him is blessed.
While the world asks, “What is truth?” we can answer that truth is a person named Jesus. In the end, truth will prevail. In the end, opinions unchecked and followed, will lead to confusion, anarchy, and judgment. The church cannot pretend anymore. We must absolutely speak the truth.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Defense of Marriage

Defense of Marriage
Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. (Genesis 2:24)

It seems surreal to be writing an article of this nature, this topic. To live in a world so turned upside down causes pain.
To have to defend marriage as one man and one woman is so bizarre that it defies logic. The preternatural bonds introduced and expected by the homosexual movement are militant. There is a rage and a special interest that is driven by lust and greed. All the rage and lust is dressed up in tolerance and equality. But since we have no moral compass anymore, it all sounds good and can be debated on the grounds of pluralism and personal rights.
However, we have a moral compass and it is the express, written word of God. The Bible states that a man shall leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife and they shall be one flesh. He also stated the purpose of this union was for them to be fruitful and multiply besides the joy of companionship and oneness. The propagation of humanity was planned through the loving relationship of a mother and father, husband and wife. Just because there are bad marriages and bad parents does not nullify God’s plan. There is no way that same sex marriages will ever be fruitful and multiply unless we leave the world of choice and love and move into a “Brave New World” as described by Huxley. Sure, we are at the place of genetic engineering and there can be and will be the petrie dish babies that are programmed for various slots in the Utopian hell that will be created. We will also end up with the “Soilant Green” disposal of the aged with its utilitarian euthanasia. 
The world is on extremely dangerous thin ice. The ethical and moral standards are being obliterated as society marches toward anarchy and judgment. If I recall correctly, this very problem brought about a fiery rain from heaven and destroyed two city states. If I recall correctly, it was the last days of the Roman Empire that were filled with this kind of issue.
I am so disappointed in our elected officials. For political expediency from the president to congressmen, they have caved into the pressure and the money behind the movement and just because your son or daughter has chosen a path of homosexuality, does not mean that you change your stance. The word remains true. You should love your child, but truth is still truth. If your child becomes a murderer, do you now condone and support murder?  The logic in all this is missing.
There is a huge push for this as well on an economic basis. The implications for state support, inheritances, taxes, and health care are all in this mix. The more Socialism creeps into our nation, the harder the press for the distribution of benefits will be. As one writer put it, who will be next to push their agenda? Will the Mormons lineup and begin to push for polygamy on the basis of my rights? If you let homosexuals redefine marriage, who will be next? When will it stop? There is no stopping point anymore because we have no standard to measure ourselves by. The Bureau of Standards is closed. This so does remind me of the reason for the flood, “Everyone was doing what was right in their own eyes.”