Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'M a Believer

Prophetic words are heard (most of the time) and processed through the filter of our minds. When that happens, we can create images of how we think things are going to happen. Also, when we hear a prophetic word, we think “immediately.”
Some of them do come to pass quickly, but my experience seems to indicate that they are fulfilled at later dates than we expect or want.
I received numerous prophecies in my late twenties that I did not see come to pass until I was in my fifties. Sometimes you almost give up on the words and think that the prophet missed it or you missed it. While I know that prophecy speaks to our potential, there is a component that when you are seeking Him, it will come to pass sometime.
Such are the words that have been spoken over the church for years. I believe that God has a purpose for the existence of every church. We are outposts of His kingdom, called out ones to his political party, ambassadors of His kingdom, who have a mandate for their very existence. When that purpose is violated, ignored, or strayed from, the church wanders and God waits for them to return to Him. When that happens, God can release the fulfillment of prophetic words and promises.
The River has had a calling and a destiny. The enemy has fought that destiny for decades. There have been and are many prophetic words to be fulfilled. And it is starting.
The words concerning being a hospital, a place where the wounded could be treated and healed is starting to come to pass. Last Sunday we baptized Jesse who came from a really dark place including demons that were pushing him to suicide. When he was born again, he began to tell others of his experience. In the matter of one week, his testimony has brought 2 or 3 others to salvation and baptism this coming Sunday. The Lord spoke to us and said they were coming, get ready. Well ready is now, not later. We are here. It is not down the road.
To hear the testimonies of a couple of young adults encourages me. Shawn Dawson spoke of the truth and that he was responding to the truth. Another young lady who will be baptized Sunday also responded in the same way. She commented that she did not know why she had not been baptized yet; but she now knows the truth and wants to obey the Lord. She is ready. This encourages me greatly that truth is reaching young adults and their response is not out of religion, but truth. They are responding, not because of family tradition, but truth.
Another prophetic word was that God was going to bring a lot of people back home. This is coming to pass as well. One of our men stated that they left because the church had left its calling, but he knew he would be back someday. That is today. Another couple left because the Holy Spirit was being limited and driven away. But they have come again and are plugging in. They are here. Numerous others have come and visited, taking a fresh look at what is happening.
To the church’s credit, you, the comments have been how well they have been received with love and genuine friendliness. 
This is just the beginning. Larry and Carolyn Lotz are desiring to return. They are just waiting on the sale of the lodge so they can move back. There are others who will come. We have a number of really good new families and young families coming. There is something going on and it is God fulfilling His word.
Do not give up on your prophetic words, they will come to pass in His timing. We all get discouraged and we all have had disappointments. We all have wanted things to happen more quickly or we have prayed to slow them down, but as we walk this life out, we find His hand to be more prevalent than we thought.
Twenty years to God is nothing. I received a number of prophecies in my twenties. All of them seemed fantastical, beyond what I thought could be done; and yet, here we are with so many of them fulfilled. Paul Smith once commented that here he and I were, two preachers with minimal income and traveling around the world. It has been amazing to see the provision made to carry the Gospel out to other places. We have made numerous trips and have touched thousands of lives. All fulfilling prophetic words spoken to us.
Now, we are standing in a place where there is a wave of fulfillment flowing our way. Me, I want to remain faithful to the vision God has given us as a church so we can keep the blessings flowing. There is no greater joy than seeing God do something that He said He was going to do. It makes you believe!


  1. Amen!! Such exciting times we are in right now....and MUCH more to come! Praise God!

    1. Yes we are! There is not a time that I can't feel the Holy Spirit when I walk into our church! We are ROARING!!!!!An unbelievable feeling that just makes you want to never leave! Thank GOD that he allows the Holy Spirit to go everywhere with me.....I also thank the River for showing me the way so I could have the Holy Spirit. Well I mean I always had it but you all know what I mean. LOL