Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Moving Ahead

Every year when we turn the corner, we have hope. It is strange that the tick of a clock means one year has ended and another begun. The joke that we say every year on the 31st is, “see you next year.” But that little change in time does something for us inside, in our mind, in our heart. It is like we can close the door to a piece of history and start fresh. It truly is psychological, but oh so necessary. I know I need it. It somehow feels like a breath of fresh air, a new resolve, a time to make resolutions of improvement or change.
Here are some things to look forward to in 2013:
The youth will be bringing the drama back to the River with the production of the play “Bema.” This will be presented on April 7th at 5:00 PM.
Also, there will be fundraisers for Youth Camp in June and the first will be February 3rd after church.
The Worship and Dance teams have scheduled four nights of worship throughout the year and we will have guest teams participating. Those will start at 6:30 on the Sundays they are scheduled.
LifeStyle Women’s ministry has the year planned with a number of great meetings including a retreat with Shirley Sustar.
We will continue our 5th Wednesday special “Gifts of the Spirit” meetings. The first one will be January 30 at 7:00 PM and our guest ministers will be Jim and Shirley Sustar and they will focus on miracles.
The Hospitality Team has planned our annual events such as the picnic and Thanksgiving. But they have planned a special evening with a St. Patrick’s Day Banquet on March 15th at 7:00 PM. This will be an adults only event providing a great night out for everyone.
Our Family Life Hour is off to a great start and we will be continuing to enjoy that and improve it as we go.
In early March we are coordinating with Heartland Christian Center and bringing James Goll and his team in for a conference. That will be March 8, 9, and 10. The tenth is a Sunday and our guest minister that morning will be Mickey Robinson.
Likewise, throughout the year we will continue to provide seminars and guest speakers that will bless the church and allow you to invite others to attend.
Our Dinner and Discipleship has expanded to three classes: How to Hear God, Kingdom Man, and Faith and Healing. The youth will have their regular meeting while we have classes and we will all meet for supper at 6:30 PM on those second Sundays of the month.
As we have said, we are focusing on our Families and our children. Next generations leadership and equipped young people is a formidable mandate.
For me, it is thrilling to watch so many of our church actively working and serving in some capacity. Everyone counts.
I am so pleased, if you will allow me, with the direction, willingness, and participation of all of you!
Are You In? Really In?
I am constantly thinking of the church and our goals. The kingdom of God is under attack from spiritual forces that express themselves in modern terms. They walk the halls of government, they parade in the streets, they teach in our schools, they print our media, they write the blogs. The war for the souls of men and women is raging. We think missions, and rightly so, but there is a mission field in front of us every day. I am overwhelmed at times with the lostness of most people. God help us. God help us fight this tsunami of disaster that plague the souls of men.

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