Thursday, January 24, 2013

Against the Tide

Against the Tide
Living in a Post Christian nation makes us live differently. If you still think we are a Christian nation, you are out of touch. However, we are called to be a kingdom of believers.
“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” Psalm 105:19.
The tide in our generation is a rush of secular humanism and blatant anti-Christian world views. The purposeful, unrelenting tide is to strip the populace of morals, truth, and order. In its place there is this surge of legalized immorality, lies parading as truth, and chaos defined as law.
No culture can continue to exist without a foundation that provides protection and service to the constituents. These functions have to be based in some sort of absolute that becomes the source upon which judgments are made. If the courts, the congresses, and police make situational, personal decisions based on feeling rather than law or the absolutes, the people then can no longer have trust or confidence in the government. If our educators, our schools and universities are teaching there is no truth or absolutes, we have returned to the place of Divine judgment, as in when everyone was doing “what was right in their own eyes.” The flood then had to come to cleanse the earth of the folly and ungodliness. The problem with relativism is that it brings society to a place of reprobation. Too long, we have been drinking the cool aid of the world. It is poisoning us to death, slow, but sure. The pace of the poisoning has picked up dramatically because the once guardians of truth, the church and the schools, have been overrun by wolves in sheep’s clothing. In Russia the pastors of the state church are KGB agents. In the US and western world, many pulpits are filled with unbelievers who have a social agenda contrary to the word. With no absolutes they mirror the world and exacerbate the problem of declining Bible knowledge and worldview. This is the only way you can justify the gay marriage acceptance in some churches; they have forsaken the word and twisted it to mean nothing. 
The warnings continue to go out and are continued to be ignored. To stem the tide of the decline, there has to be raised up another generation of young people who love the word, who love God, and are not polluted by the current philosophies of man. Someone has to see through the lies and grab the truth. Someone has to wake up and realize this is taking the world into judgment.
When we begin to speak of the truth being a person (Jesus) and his word being the basis of existence, we are shouted down. The reason for the shout down is the truth convicts and no one wants to change their lifestyles to comply with the word of God. 
Our job is to ignore the shout down and continue to preach the truth regardless of the consequences and the rejection. The church has become anemic because we want to appease the world and make it comfortable. We must accept the stigma of the truth. We may be branded as “those people,” but we must wear it in confidence of the absolute truth revealed in the word of God. We must study to show ourselves approved.
The Loss is Exponential
82% of Americans including Christians believe that “God helps those who help themselves,” is a Bible verse. (not)
50% of high school seniors think that Sodom and Gomorrah were husband and wife.
A large number believe the Sermon on the Mount was preached by Billy Graham.
Only one third of Christians believe in absolute truth.
Only 68% of Christians have heard of Spiritual gifts and only one third could name one.

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