Wednesday, February 6, 2013


For what will a man give in exchange for his life? (Jesus) This question should haunt your existence. What are you allowing to take your life?

For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. (Romans 11:29)
I have been pondering this for some time. What has taken our life? Who has murdered me? While the gifts and callings are without repentance, there are things that do fade.
I know people who have a calling and have not responded. I know people who have a calling and who have quit. I know people who have a calling and have been offended and forsaken their destiny. I know people who are called and will not engage anymore in the process because of the politics and hypocrisy of many.
These have been murdered, yet live. They attend church sometime, they hate church all the time, they love God, but they hate his plan.
I have met those who later in life anguish with a life wasted, a calling unused, an anointing ignored, all because the enemy took their life and left them the walking dead. The calling still is heard and echoes in their soul. When they are around the things of God, conviction sets in and the voice of the call haunts their being. Instead of a blessing, it becomes the curse of dreams unfulfilled. They avoid places where there might be an opportunity for God to touch them. Many seek to drown themselves in entertainment, hobbies, alcohol, or drugs. These are the ones who sit in bars and under the influence begin to talk to others of the Bible.
Lost souls, desperate souls, unrested souls, they walk with the unrelenting understanding of who they should be. But, when they attempt to make a come back, the enemy always makes sure there is some self-righteous, judgmental individual or circumstance to run them back to their dysfunction and their death row cell.
While the call remains, the anointing is gone. King Saul had the spirit depart from him. King David begged God to not take his Holy Spirit from him. Having a calling and having the Spirit depart or lose the anointing is torture. The enemy wants to make sure we live in defeat.
It is easy to be offended. Having a calling does put a target on you. There are many offenses in ministry. People hurt people. But the goal is God, not people. I just read Jeremiah and he was treated horribly by kings, priests, and the people; yet he continued because of God, not the reception of his ministry. Jesus was rejected and despised; yet did not shrink from his calling. And betrayal comes to those in ministry often from those close and trusted which makes it more painful and easy to walk away from. 
However, the issues are far larger than the follies of man. These are eternal issues and one of them is you, me. Can I endure to the end? Will I allow a person or persons to take my calling, my inheritance? Or will I persevere in spite of hurts, offenses, and betrayal? There is no one or anything worth my eternal life! I will not exchange my calling and anointing for what the world has to offer. The treasure is Jesus.
The Loss is Real
Half of ministers get divorced. Same rate as the world. Something is wrong.
35-40% of ministers leave the ministry after 5 years.
57% said they would leave ministry if they had a better job waiting.
77% said they did not have a good marriage.
1500 pastors a month leave the ministry for various reasons.
Around 10% are able to make it a life long ministry

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